Gas burner services in Skelmersdale

Professional gas burner services in Skelmersdale by Barker Industrial Services Ltd

As professional gas installers, at Barker Industrial Services Ltd we can also service and gas burners in your property. Gas burners are most often used in fireplaces where they provide the fuel to feed and control the fire. Whether your gas burner appears damaged or is not releasing gas as it should, then give Barker Industrial Services Ltd a call.

Gas burners are highly popular in fireplaces due to the relatively low cost of the fuel and the ease in which the level of flame can be controlled. With a wood burning fire, you can reduce the amount of wood that is in the chamber in order to reduce the heat that is being produced by the fire. However, this is an estimate at best as you cannot properly gauge the energy release from each individual piece of wood. On the other hand, with a gas burner you can set a required level of flame and the gas will be released accordingly.

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd, we know how important having a working gas burner is to the comfort of your home or the running of your company. If there are any faults with the gas burner then you could have a health and safety issue on your hands. For example, if you have a gas leak, this can become a huge fire risk that could cause an explosion with the slightest spark. Additionally, if the leak is allowed to continue and the gas concentration gets too high, then it can become a toxic environment. This is why any gas burner servicing or repairs should always be done by a professional.

We are trained combustion engineers to keep your burners running. By law gas appliances need servicing every twelve months, call us to service / repair and certificate your gas burner needs.

If you are looking for a professional company to fix any faults with your gas burner, give Barker Industrial Services Ltd a call on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page.