LEV Testing in Skelmersdale

Providing all aspects of LEV Testing in Skelmersdale

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) tests are performed in order to make sure that the exhaust system is working properly and is ventilating the polluted air away from the workspace. At Barker Industrial Services Ltd in Lancashire, we can perform LEV tests on any relevant appliances in your property.

Local Exhaust Ventilation is vital to the health and safety of your property, appliances and any people in the building. LEV’s work by extracting air from the room and passing it through a filter so as to remove any harmful aerosols. These can cause serious illness and health issues with anyone who comes into contact with them. In order to remove these chemicals, the LEV’s capture the contamination at its source and remove the emission.

A LEV test consists of performing a system performance test in order to identify any faults with the LEV and to fix them. This is done by testing the static pressure, transport and face velocities, and capture design. At Barker Industrial Services Ltd, we can carry out LEV tests on your extraction equipment, in-line with local authority and COSHH regulations. We also carry out mist clearance tests to indicate to your staff when it is safe to remove their PPE.

When a piece of equipment is installed that requires a LEV, you will be given a commission report confirming that the item is safe to use. You should then have this equipment tested at least every 12 months in order to maintain its optimal performance and keep it safe for your workers.

If you have any equipment that requires a LEV test, then give Barker Industrial Services Ltd a call on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page. We cover the entire of Lancashire and the surrounding areas.