Oil burning services in Skelmersdale

Barker Industrial Services Ltd provide oil burning services in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd in Skelmersdale, we specialise in servicing and repairing any type of oil burner in your home. Oil burners are used predominantly in industrial buildings for the combustion of other materials and as such can be costly to run. If there are any faults with the oil burner then it will not be running at its optimum efficiency, costing you more money in the long run and causing a potential health and safety issue.

Oil burners are often used for heating devices due to the fact that they are highly combustible and generate a lot of heat that can be used for different tasks. For example, a central heating system requires fuel to generate the heat around the property, and oil can offer this as well as being able to control the amount of oil that it burnt in order to control the overall temperature.

There are a variety of ways that your oil burner can become damaged. First of all, the smoke and debris from the combustion can cause soot to build up in the heat exchanger, this, in turn, can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred through the heat exchanger. Moreover, this soot can build up and clog the electrodes. These electrodes create the spark that ignites your central heating. If there is a fault with your oil burner, then not only will the heating device not work properly, it can also cause carbon monoxide to be released into the property, which is highly toxic.

We are trained and experienced in light oil burner service and repair. We can fault find, and fix your issues. Lack of service can spiral into a world of problems with oil burners. We can service and certify it’s working at its peak, saving you money in breakdowns and fuel bills alike.

If you are in need of a professional company in Skelmersdale to service your oil burner then look no further than Barker Industrial Services Ltd, give us a call today on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page.