Spray booth filter sales in Skelmersdale

Get your spray booth filers at Barker Industrial Services

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd in Skelmersdale, we are can provide a range of spray booth filters to replace a faulty one in your system. Filters are vital to any spray booth as they stop any dust particles or other debris from entering the spray booth and affecting the paint job that you are performing.

Filters are indispensable to spray booths as they help to maintain the air quality within the booth, and further stop any interference from any dust or debris. If a filter is damaged or faulty then you could end up with unwanted materials entering the spray booth. Additionally, if the filter in the extractor vent is not working properly then you could have a build up of paint fumes and other harmful chemicals inside the tent.

Filters are important not only for the health of the product that is being worked on, but also for the staff that are completing the project. If any of the aerosols are allowed to build up, then this can become a serious health and safety hazard for the painter.

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd, we can provide a wide range of different filter types to suit your spray booth. From extractor media to air conditioning, we can source and provide all of your spray booth needs. Moreover, we can replace and install the filters for you as well as providing our expert advice on what type of filter would work best in your spray booth.

If you are in need of a replacement filter then give Barker Industrial Services Ltd in Skelmersdale a call on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page.