Spray booth service and repairs in Skelmersdale

Expert spray booth services and repairs offered in Skelmersdale by Barker Industrial Services LTD

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd we can make repairs and service any existing spray booth that is in your property in Skelmersdale. Spray booths are an important element of any spray paint project as they help protect the painter from the aerosols and solvents released into the air by the spray paint.

By using sprayed paint you can gain an even finish on the product that is being worked on. This is very popular with manufacturers as it improves the quality of their product and is relatively easy and quick to do. This is due to the quantity of paint that can be sprayed out evenly, however, it also means that you are releasing a lot of chemicals into the air. As such it is vital to make sure that the painter is suitably protected.

Spray booths use a ventilation system to draw in fresh air to the booth and exhaust the paint fumes out. If there is a problem with ventilation, it can cause a buildup of harmful chemicals in the air around the painter. Whilst the painter should always be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), if the solvent in the air is not being removed fast enough, then it can be a serious health hazard even with the painter wearing PPE. Additionally, if the ventilation system isn’t working properly in the spray booth then it can affect the quality of the paint job on the product. At Barker Industrial Services Ltd, we can repair and service a wide range of spray booths throughout Lancashire.

We are qualified and experienced to service your equipment. We recognise down time as lost money so work as smart as possible to get your equipment up and running again. We carry numerous spare parts in our vans, used on all makes of booths, from a relay to new temp controllers.

If you have a spray booth that is damaged or not functioning properly in Skelmersdale, then give Barker Industrial Services Ltd a call on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page.