Used and new spray booth installation in Skelmersdale

Expert installers providing the best in new and used spray booth installations in Skelmersdale, Lancashire

At Barker Industrial Services Ltd in Lancashire, we can install any used or new spray booths to help with your spray paint projects. From small furniture to large automobiles, we can install a used or new spray booth to keep you safe and protected from the chemicals that spray paint release into the air.

When performing any spray painting project, it is vital that you make sure that you are in a well ventilated space so that all the solvents, aerosols and isocyanates released into the air by the spray paint are removed from the workspace. A lot of these chemicals can be very harmful to your respiratory system and a spray booth separates the space being used for the spray paint project from the rest of your property. As an additional measure, any person working in the spray booth should wear proper respiratory protection equipment. A spray booth also protects the paint job as it stops any outside elements from interfering with the paint.

There are several ways in which the air can be ventilated out of the spray booth.


This technique supplies filtered air to the paint booth through its ceiling and then gets rid of the air through grating on the floor which further filters the air out. This means that all of the chemicals in the air are pushed away from the painter’s breathing zone.


Semi-Downdraft spray booths are similar to Downdraft ones in that they supply fresh air into the space from the ceiling. With a Semi-Downdraft system however, the exhaust is at the back of the spray booth and so the painter must stand upwind so as to reduce the amount of chemicals that pass by them.


Cross-Draft spray booths draw air in through the door and the exhaust it through filters at the back of the booth. Again, the painter should make sure that the chemicals are being blown away from their position.

We can source, through our trusted network of suppliers, all your spray booth needs. Whether it’s a new unit you're after or a used spray booth, we can supply it. We cater for Aviation sector, Rail, Aerospace and Automotive. We also supply bench booths and expansion chambers used in all sorts of different industries.

If you are looking for a professional spray booth installer for both used and new spray booths, look no further than Barker Industrial Services Ltd. Give us a call today on 01695623752 or 07496504189, or send a message through our contact page.